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How to Avoid Being a Negative Person


1. Stay away from negative people. Do not let others bring you down.

2. Walk away from drama. Don’t get into screaming matches. Everybody comes out looking like a loser.

3. Never complain. Stay positive. No whining.

4. Recognize everybody has their troubles. You don’t know what is going on…

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BLM and Partners Excited About Condor Release on National Public Lands Day!

Today, the BLM, The Peregrine Fund and partners will release three California condors in the BLM-managed Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona.

The California condor is a magnificent and prehistoric bird that is an important part of the ecology of western states. Utah is excited to be part of the establishment of more condors. – Greg Sheehan, Director of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

I appreciate working with Chris Parish and The Peregrine Fund biologists. They’re good people and they work hard to keep the condors alive. Justun Jones, Rancher, Kane and Two Mile Ranch, Arizona  

To me the condor recovery program is a positive success story; one that is a testament to man’s good nature to do the right thing to bring this species back from the brink of extinction. BLM Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Manager Kevin Wright

The annual release coincides with National Public Lands Day, and you can join the celebration on social media!  Follow using the hashtags #CondorsOnTheRise, #WelcomeCondors and #NPLD on BLM’s Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. 

Learn more about the annual event and condor recovery:

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